Soaring 72 feet high (measured at grade), the multistory Tower I stands out from surrounding structures with unique visibility, an exception to the area’s 56-foot height limit. The design consists of five circular steel rings, approximately 30 feet in diameter, staggered back and forth – to the north, east, south and west – establishing proximity and viewing angles at various heights for various levels. Between each pair of circular steel planes are curved, translucent projection screens – both elegant and revolutionary in design – serving not only as the structure’s walls, but as vehicles for disseminating the Tower’s imagery. Behind the screens are steel decks for visitors to enjoy Tower content and events, as well as the surrounding Conjunctive Points business community.

Visual Impact

Designed to share the Tower’s diverse and visually captivating content in the most impactful way, four of its screens have been positioned to reach as many people as possible – an estimate of two million people from the surrounding area alone. Viewers will experience different perspectives of the projected images as they:

  • Walk through Conjunctive Points and along the streets of the surrounding neighborhood
  • Pass by in cars on local surface streets
  • Commute on some of the city’s most-traveled routes, including the Santa Monica Freeway, the intersection of La Cienega and Jefferson boulevards, and the east-west city route along National Boulevard
  • Travel along the new surface passenger railway system, the Exposition Light Rail Line

The fifth Tower screen is located just above grade level and, unlike the other four, faces the Conjunctive Points neighborhood. This screen is dedicated for use by local audiences, including those who take a seat on terraced concrete bleachers that step down to the below-grade portion of the Tower.