Samitaur takes me there.


If Ben Leitner has to endure one more opera, one more of those functions his wife lugs him to for reasons of supposed social grace, he thinks he just might go catatonic. And tonight it is Mozart, a genius of course, yes brilliant; he has seen Amadeus too after all. But three hours plus the painted faces of the crowds at intermission? Save me! he thinks. Instead, he sits stunned, watching Mozart write through an L.A. night. It’s true, he now understands. No corrections were made! It was all in his head! Samitaur takes me there.

Urban Park Environment

Samitaur Tower I also fulfills the Samitaur Smith’s concept of creating destination-based entertainment venues. Part of Conjunctive Points, the first Tower will invite visitors to explore the many dimensions of culture, as well as enjoy various cultural and artistic events hosted at:

  • The Lecture Wells, two open-air, small-scale amphitheaters divided at the Tower’s base, with an intimate feel and concrete seating for 200 to 300 guests to enjoy lectures and panel discussions from experts sharing their knowledge and passion on a variety of topics; theatrical and literary readings; screenings of vintage films, and sneak previews from major studios and independent filmmakers.
  • The Tower Lawn, a lush, beautifully landscaped grassy courtyard adjacent to Tower I that expands space for 3,000 guests to enjoy a wide range of live theater, dance and musical performances, as well as arts festivals and other hosted special events.
  • The Gallery, a series of exhibit spaces for guests to enjoy collections on loan from private collectors and museum partners in addition to works from accomplished and emerging artists in all media.

The urban park will also feature an open-air café with reasonably priced food for visitors to enjoy not only inside, but also at Tower I and its sunken garden.