Samitaur takes me there.

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Sometimes Maria Menendez paints pictures in her mind. Maria even takes the brush out of the soaking bucket her father uses to paint the houses that fill his working days, dips it into the color of the current job and paints what she thinks he is feeling. Before he must reluctantly roll over her creation. Pictures painted, pictures lost. They laugh, they cry over their private game. But tonight, while LA's lights dance merrily around them, they go to the Louvre to renew. Samitaur takes me there.

The Samitaur Towers website is critical to the overall vision for, and purpose of, the concept: bringing the best in arts, sciences and humanities to all people. Comprising a robust multimedia program and supported by an unparalleled technological network, the Towers website reaches out to engage a worldwide audience with a vast online library of resources and brings information-seekers together in a forum where they can explore, discover and learn.

Visitors to the website will find information about the material displayed on the Towers’ screens, link to the websites of local, national and international artists, galleries and museums that will be displaying their work and news of upcoming Tower events.

In fact, the Towers are an externalization of the website. The Towers and Samitaur Towers website will work hand in hand, with the website serving as the Towers’ central hub, feeding its screens with ever changing and evolving content. The Samitaur Towers website will also serve as an international marketplace, with revenues derived as millions of art and science enthusiasts visit the site each day from around the world.

Initial efforts will be focused on creating a fully integrated relationship among the following key elements:

  • The Towers
  • The Towers website
  • Content for both the Towers and website
  • Visitors to the Towers
  • Users of the Towers website
  • Content management system
  • Marketing

Funding for the website will come from a variety of revenue streams, including subscriptions, sponsors, investors and donations.

Revenus streams for the Samitaur Towers website

Revenue streams for the Samitaur Towers website