Exposition Light Rail Line

The seven additional Samitaur Towers in Los Angeles will be located along the Exposition Light Rail Line, currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2011. These Towers will be constructed between the train stations, bringing the arts, sciences and humanities to a built-in audience of 27,000 passengers who will ride the train each day, as well as the increased pedestrian traffic in the immediate area. But the Towers will also help promote the rail line, through their compelling design and thought-provoking, inspiring content, encouraging ridership and, thereby, a greener environment, enhancing the commuting experience and serving the surrounding communities.

Each of the additional Towers will feature a unique iteration of the first Samitaur Tower design, incorporating the elements of projection screens, entertainment and exhibit space, and the Towers website. They will be connected, however, by the content on the various Tower screens, through chronological, serial, thematic and other carefully defined relationships.