Sponsorship Opportunities

While Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith funded the first of the Towers entirely and will continue to provide funding support through Samitaur Constructs, they envision the Samitaur Towers as a for-profit commercial enterprise, supported financially by a variety of other sources, including sponsors, to ensure sustainability and accountability for the concept’s ultimate success.

The Samitaur Towers create limitless opportunities for corporations and philanthropists to make a strong and lasting impact on their communities and society, shape the look and feel of the total Towers experience, and benefit from truly innovative expansion on traditional messaging, as well as inherent public relations value. Recognizing the critical need for this support, the first Tower’s operational plan sets a goal of securing 10 to 12 sponsors, at various levels of participation.

The Samitaur Towers’ management team is also open to working with potential sponsors to create customized packages that address their specific needs and interests.

Sponsorship Packages

The Samitaur Towers’ on-screen programming offers a prestigious association with some of the world’s greatest art and most exciting imagery. Based on a rotation grid and a simplified mainstream advertising model, the packages suggested below provide a wide range of opportunity at different participation levels, from simplest to most comprehensive.

To demonstrate how these packages differ from one another, a fictitious example based on acquiring the rights to display a group of German paintings from the Expressionist Period on the Tower screens has been used:

  • Introductory – Daily, designed to provide an opportunity for smaller businesses or individuals to participate, includes sponsorship of a specific piece within the Expressionist exhibit that rotates on the screen four times each day for a period of 30 seconds, with a “brought to you by” tag featuring the sponsor’s name.
  • Introductory Plus, expanded to include mentions of the sponsor in public relations for the exhibit and on the Samitaur Towers website.
  • Full Exhibit – Weekly, created to give more impactful associations with a specific corporate brand, gives sole “ownership” of the complete exhibit for one week, including streaming of all paintings, text screens with key facts about the individual paintings and artists, the sponsor’s logo and the “brought to you by” tag and featured mention in the Tower’s public relations campaign for the exhibit and on the website, which would link to Expressionist sites all over the world.
  • Major Sponsor, developed to offer involvement at an exclusive level over several weeks, includes – but is not limited to – features on the Tower screens, full banners and other branding on the website, heavy mention in all public relations and associated media activity, co-branding opportunities alongside the Tower in traditional advertising and featured status in e-blasts about the exhibition.
  • Naming Rights Sponsor, formed to give one premier sponsor the ultimate branding opportunity, includes the pairing of the corporate name with the Samitaur Towers, along with significant promotion in all Tower public relations, advertising and other marketing.

In addition to sponsorship packages and branding opportunities associated with the Samitaur Towers’ on-screen programming, there are many additional ways for businesses and individuals to participate:

  • Samitaur Towers Website, planned to be the largest, most robust online cultural resource ever created: website sponsorship packages multiply both exposure and prestige exponentially, with links to the Louvre, Prado and other high-profile icons of culture, and a global audience.
  • Individual Events, planned to draw crowds from all socioeconomic segments and with differing interests in the arts, sciences and humanities: event sponsorship packages can align the unique character of specific brands not only with the Tower, but also to high-profile performers and events.
  • Program Books, planned to highlight sponsor participation much like the playbills that guests receive at theatrical performances.
  • Open-Air Café, planned to leverage a categorically different dining experience, with great art on the screens, California breezes and beautiful vistas: sponsors can choose from a variety of branding opportunities, from simple logos on foodservice items such as cups and bags to naming rights of the café itself.
  • Branded Entertainment, planned to feature sponsor tie-ins to documentaries, coffee-table books and other products that may grow out of the Samitaur Towers concept.